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Many students find essay writing challenging as they do not fully understand the structure of an essay. Therefore, it is always better to have a plan before you start writing. Without a plan or an outline, your ideas will be jumbled and will leave you confused. 

The main secret to a good essay is to plan your essay ahead of time. Before actually starting an essay, always create an outline to keep yourself directed on the right path. Let us look into details on how you can craft a well-written essay to impress your reader or marker. Once you take professional help from websites like write my essay, you will become more confident in crafting the essay. 


Come up with a thesis

 The thesis of your approach and argument of the topic. There is never a single correct answer in English. Your explanation is as sound as anyone else’s, and teachers usually look for depth and originality in your essay. Follow the following steps to come up with a good thesis question:


Step 1: Initiate with a question

 You usually have a question in your essay if you try to create your own. One example of a question in an essay’s topic is: “Does internet usage aid primary school students in their education?”


Step 2: Write your first answer

 Once you have done preliminary research, you can come up with an initial answer. In the case of an argumentative essay writer, you have to pick a side and start developing your essay based on this answer. For example, The internet aids primary school students more than have a negative impact. 


Step 3: Develop your answer

 This is the step where you will analyze why this is your answer and how are you going to convince the reader to agree with it. Your answer gets more detailed as you begin writing and search more about your topic. The final statement of your thesis does not just state the answer of your choice but sums up the overall argument. 

 An essay usually consists of an introduction, a body ( 2 or 3 paragraphs), and a concluding paragraph. Try considering the introduction as your essay’s plan. You can use a thesis statement as the first statement of your introduction as it will indicate to the reader that you’ve understood the question well. The next few sentences in your introduction will briefly describe your upcoming discussion in the essay’s body paragraphs. 


Structure your essay

The essay’s main body consists of two to three paragraphs of evidence to support your claims. Therefore, try to choose the strongest of examples to support your arguments. This will help validate the arguments of your thesis statement answer. Finally, the conclusion of your essay summarises your arguments and strengthens your answer to the thesis question. This will be your final opportunity to leave a good impression of your essay, so make sure you take enough time to craft it well.  

Seek professional help

 You can take help from an essay writing service to help you write a good article. Services like these can help develop a well-written essay; it is best to read a few samples to get an idea of composing your essay. Several videos are also available to help you with essay writing and can polish your skills in writing a great essay. You can also find multiple sources and articles online that can help you craft an amazing essay that will impress your reader or marker. It is totally fine if you are unable to begin writing an essay on your own. 

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